What does it mean if a hymn's content is temporarily unavailable in digital format? [FAQ]


Sometimes when editing your bulletin, you will notice an alert stating that a hymn isn't available digitally (see below for a list of hymns and psalms). This will happen regardless of any license or subscription attached to your account.

Though it is our goal for everything in the Christian Worship: Hymnal and Christian Worship: Psalter to be covered under One License, some negotiations are ongoing concerning pre-populating digital content within the software. We appreciate everyone's continued patience as we believe that most of the items listed will become available in the future. 


741  We Have a Gospel to Proclaim
818  My Soul Finds Rest in God Alone
867  Afflicted Saint, to Christ Draw Near
963  This Is the Feast

5A  Hear My Words, O Gracious LORD
7A  Judge All the Nations
11B  My Trust Is in the LORD
17B  I Plead My Innocence
26A  Give Judgment, LORD
29B  The Voice Which Shakes the Earth
31C  My Rock and My Refuge
34B  Taste, O Taste
35B  Take Up Your Servant’s Cause, LORD
44A  We Hear Reports from Long Ago
47D  All Peoples, Clap Your Hands
49A  O Hear, All People in the World
51B  Have Mercy in Your Goodness, Lord
54A  God of Might, I Call to You
59B  God, Save Me from This Onslaught
64A  Listen, Lord to My Complaint
67A  Let the People Praise You
74B  LORD God, Have You Rejected Us
78C  Your Word, O LORD, Is a Lamp
79A  O God, the Nations Have Invaded
80A  Show Your Face
83A  Speak, Lord, and Let Us Hear Again
86C  O Lord, You Are Good
88A  Day and Night I Cry To You
89C  Love Enduring Evermore
97C  Let All the Earth Rejoice
99A  Holy Is God
101B  Your Love Will Be My Song
105B  How Glad Was Egypt
112B  Come, Praise the LORD! Hallelujah
114A  When Israel Left
123B  To You, O LORD, We Lift Our Eyes
124B  Captive Birds Fly Free
131B  My Heart Is Not Exalted, LORD
134A  Bless the LORD, All You His Servants
135B  Come into God’s Presence
144A  When We Face Impending Warfare
147A  With Hallelujahs Honor God

There are some hymns where the negotiations have ended with the understanding that the copyright holders do not want the hymn to be reproduced digitally. In this case, you may notice a warning stating that the hymn can only be used in the print edition.

Hymns and Psalms with this status:

326  O Jesus, Grant Me Hope and Comfort
478  When God the Spirit Came
731  Oh, How Good It Is
835  Precious Lord, Take My Hand
24E  Lift Up Your Heads, O Gates
91B  My Dwelling Place