Bulletin Format Overview


The Bulletin Formats view is where you can customize the smaller details of a bulletin, like the font, color, text size, and default page size. The view has three sections (areas): left, middle, right

On the left side is a list of all saved bulletin formats. If you have multiple formats saved, you can filter to easily find a specific format. At the bottom is a row of action buttons to add, copy, and delete a format. The default format cannot be deleted.

The middle is the preview of the format. This preview will change depending on the formatting options that are used. 

The right is a panel that contains all formatting options.

  • The Style tab displays the styles that can be changed depending on the section you have selected in the drop-down menu.
  • The Layout tab offers ways to customize the page size, margins, and music layout.
  • The Content tab contains options for the Readings, Propers, Music, and more.