Planning a Service


Planning the service is the first step in building the bulletin and presentation. You can create a service using the Propers provided, or you can create a custom service and select your own readings and hymns.

In the Planning view, you can select the readings, the hymns, psalms, an order of service, and any additional rites. Your selections will be listed separately from the other options when you add an element, making it easier to find the planned hymns and readings.

Any number of readings, hymns, psalms and rites can be planned in a service, but you can have only one Order of Service. If an Order of Service is selected, the information will automatically fill in the bulletin and presentation, leaving only the readings and hymns to be completed. A note can be added to the bottom of the Service Plan view as well.

Selecting “Add Reading”, “Add Hymn”, "Add Psalms" or “Add Rite” will add a line and open a side Search panel you can select content from. After you select a planned reading or hymn, you can edit the selection or remove it by clicking the “x” next to it.

Here is how to plan a service:

  1. Click on a service placeholder in the Calendar view. The view will change to the Propers view, displaying all the propers for the selected service.
  2. Click the “Plan this service” button in the upper right corner.
  3. In the Service Plan view, the readings will autofill to match the Propers for the service. Click on the selected verses to edit the selection, or click “Add Reading” to add a new reading.
  4. Click “Add Hymn” to select the hymns you would like to use in the service. The side panel that appears will list the traditional Hymn of the Day, hymns for the readings, and other suggested hymns.
  5. Click “Add Psalms” to select the Psalms you would like to use in the service. The side panel that appears will list the Psalms to choose from.
  6. Click “Empty” in the Order of Service section and select an order of service.
  7. Add any additional Rites or a Note as needed.


This article assumes you are planning a service for a holiday that is already listed on the calendar by default. Please read the article “Creating a Custom Service” for more information about how to create a custom service.