Editing a Service


Options selected in the Service Plan view can be edited at any time as long as the service’s date has not passed. Events that have been planned are bolded on the calendar, and only events planned on the current day or in the future can be edited. The name, date, and holiday can be changed by clicking “Change name, date, or holiday” at the bottom of the Service Plan view. Options can be deleted or changed by clicking on them and then selecting a new option in the Search panel that slides out on the right. All changes are automatically saved.

Here is how to edit a service:

  1. From the Calendar view, select the planned service you want to make changes to.
  2. Select the reading you would like to change. A search panel will slide out on the right side of the screen with suggestions. If you want to delete the reading, click the small “x” next to the option. Select the new reading.
  3. Follow the same steps to change a hymn, psalm, order of service, or additional rite.