What hymns and psalms are included in the Playlist feature of Service Builder? [FAQ]


Christian Worship: Playlist is now available. When creating your service materials in Christian Worship: Service Builder, you can create a playlist of selected hymns and liturgical elements with professional recordings to download and play directly from your computer.

Currently, most of the musical content found in the Christian Worship: Hymnal is available. This includes all psalms found in the front of the hymnal.

Over time, content from the Christian Worship: Psalter will continue to be populated in to the system. 

At this time, Playlist only includes the general seasonal Gospel Acclimations and tones found in The Service Settings 1, 2, and 3.

As content is continually added, we will update the following spreadsheet on what is and is not available in a current Playlist subscription. This will be updated regularly and will display the last date updated.

Christian Worship: Playlist availability