How do I obtain a copyright license for One License? [FAQ]


If you do not already have a copyright license from One License, you will need one to cover reprinting of bulletins and projection (PowerPoint or MediaShout 6 presentation) of your services.

You can click on the following link to be directed to their website:  One License

Once you have your One License number, you can navigate to Settings (gear) > Account Settings and supply your number in the 'One License Number' field.

You only need to enter in the six-digit number provided by OneLicense and don't need to include any additional characters. After clicking Save, your number should be validated.




If you are considering not using One License, you would only be able to export elements that are public domain, but there are only a limited number of those elements available. Many congregations will find it very difficult to use Christian Worship: Service Builder without a One License subscription. For instance, all liturgies have at least some copyright elements, so without One License, no complete liturgy would be available to export to bulletin or for projection.