Why can't I save my Custom Hymn? [FAQ]


After entering a new hymn, you may come across an error message when you click the Save button.

More often than not, that error message will say something along the lines of "Contents missing copyright information" or "Package must exist", even though you can see author and copyright information for the hymn in question.

When first adding a hymn, you have the ability to add in an engraving for the default Melody tab. However, you may want to also add a text-only or an additional melody for the hymn. To add more tabs, you click on the Add button located in the center section of the My Hymns area.

This is important to note because each tab contains a separate element, it will need its own separate copyright data. If there is a tab that is excess or is blank, you can select that tab and go over to the rightmost section to delete the element.

If you can't see a tab without copyright information or if you are receiving a different error, please reach out to support and we'll be happy to investigate for you.